V Site Pass Contractor Verification System

The right fit for organisations seeking the assurance of working with the safest members of their supply chain.

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Formal verification should not be optional

Investing in contractor labour without an appropriate contractor verification system in place could present significant risk to your business.

No organisation is immune from accidents, and it’s only a matter of time before a safety incident occurs at a worksite.

“For every single workplace fatality there are at least 300,000 at-risk behaviours” ConocoPhillips Marine

Hiring the wrong contractors could turn out to be extremely expensive in the long run, especially for companies in sectors that have risk-prone work environments.

If a contractor has not received proper screening, qualification, or training, the probabilities that they are inexperienced and unqualified for the job are uncounted. Their potentially unsafe acts could lead to many problems and uncertain economic consequences.

To prevent those risks, the professional licenses & qualifications need to be reviewed and verified by experts of each particular field. To manage employee/contractor compliance and monitor hundreds of documents can be a laborious and endless operation for an average sized company.

Introducing V Site Pass

We ensure a seamless compliance process between organisations and their contractors

Licenses and certifications are verified by professionals

Stored information is continually monitored and expiration alerted

All data interactions are delivered and secured with VCode®

Our Solutions

V Site Pass provides a quick, accurate and continual verification process that benefits both the employers and the individual contractors using well-established technology

Graphic representation of V Site Pass workflow

For Employers

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Save time and resources

Authorising and verifying contractors can take little more than an hour with a professional and reliable procedure.

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Issue permits with ease

Raising a permit to work is a simple process with V Site Pass. As the employee’s qualifications have all been validated, the issuer simply ticks the required qualifications to assign.

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Work with assurance

With V Site Pass, all your contractors go through a thorough validation process to ensure all of their qualifications are genuine and valid to ensure they are ready for every task.

For Individual Contractors

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Save all credentials and papers in one place

All of your verified qualifications and experience are stored in one account. You'll receive notifications when your certificates are approaching their expiration.

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Control access to your information

Each individual is in full control of all their own data, they can select what they share and who with. They can also restrict when, where and how many views the recipient has.

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Get work experiences updated automatically

Every successful job completed using the V Site Pass system is stored on your account. This work experience can be viewed or shared via a secure VCode®.

Data Security with VCode®

VCode sample graphic

The V Site Pass uses VST Enterprises VCode® technology to securely share your information. Above is a sample VCode®, this code can store all your information securely; the code can also self-generate on a digital device like a smart phone or tablet.

For more information please visit www.vstenterprises.com

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Screenshot of V Site Pass in desktop browser
Screenshot of V Site Pass in desktop browser

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